"It was wonderful to have you present for the International Dermal Institute last night..."

"The feedback has been very positive and motivating. You delivered an inspiring session that was aimed perfectly at our audience. I know that many of our students and stockists are constantly looking at ways to coach, inspire and motivate not only themselves but also their teams. I do hope that they see what a great resource you have to offer and look at utilising your skills and knowledge in their personal and business arenas."
Leanne Lorge - Divisional Education Manager, The International Dermal Institute

"We thought you were awesome!!!" 

We would definitely recommend your performance coaching to others and hope we can have a relationship moving forward. It was really generous of you to offer your time and experience and for wanting to be involved in our mission to support aspiring females across Australia.
Megan McGrath – The Layne Beachley Aim For The Stars Foundation

"...the skills to pair her personal training with mind coaching"

Bev worked with me to break through barriers that I had never broken through. I always got to a certain point in my training that I couldn’t break through. Bev helped me to see why that might be and gave me techniques to use on a daily basis or whenever was necessary. She understands the power of the mind and is very gentle and understanding in her approach.  I achieved my goal in 10 wks but the main thing I have achieved is a sustainable way forward.
Suzanne O’Connel – Health Coaching, Ernst & Young

"(Working with Bev) has positively impacted my life in so many ways. Both personally & professionally..."

My weekly meetings with Bev have made me accountable & have increased my motivation for completing my goals.  Through Bev’s guidance & encouragement I have had some remarkable achievements, both in my business Soultonik wellness centre and in my personal life with the impending arrival of my first child!
Bev has a wonderful style of coaching that leaves you feeling you can achieve anything! Even when things seem to hard, impossible or just not that exciting she has the ability to make you see things from a different perspective
Vanessa Sinclair – Owner/Director, Soultonik Wellness Centre

"I have found Bev's book to be an excellent read and have started to implement all the advice into my lifestyle"

I have not felt this energetic and “well” in years!
C Holbrook

"I’ve loved your classes! So much fun and laughter whilst sneakily making us work hard! We didn't even notice!" 

They’ve have been something i’ve looked forward to and had a positive effect on me emotionally and physically-I’m sure you’ll continue to have such a positive effect on everyone you meet both personally and professionally.

"Our time with Bev has taken us from resistant to totally engaged..."

She found the language  and actions appropriate to our needs and temperaments. we feel stronger both mentally and physically, able to deal with the challenges. We most treasure out time with Bev because not only do we trust her with our well being, she leaves us with a sense of joy and accomplishment. A rare and wonderful gift.
Professor Richard Dunn & Suzanne Davies, Director RMIT

"Bev inspires me when I need it most."

B Paitry - Tax Director, Ernst & Young