About Bev

One of Australia's leading experts in the health and fitness industry

Bev Carter is an accredited coach, NLP & hypnosis practitioner, personal trainer, author and sought after presenter working with professional sports athletes, corporations and dynamic individuals (just like you) to get more out of life.
Bev is passionate about inspiring your best performance. She works with clients in a variety of areas, but is most passionate about sports performance, health, team building, lifestyle balance, stress management, mindset and motivation.

The beginnings of an elite athlete

Bev’s sports career started at the age of ten when she was a young gymnast, she was invited to join Great Britain’s National Elite Squad and during the following seven years, Bev won gymnastic competitions throughout Europe and Canada.
In 1992 Bev moved to Australia and took up competitive sport aerobics. In her first year of competition in this high energy sport Bev won an Australian Championship title. In 1993 and 1994 she won top level competitions, NSW Singles Aerobics Champion, Pan Pacific Australasian Team Champion, and won the 6th Suzuki World Cup. Bev was also known to the Australian public as “Blade” on Australia’s top rating television show,“Gladiators”.

Moving to the next level - enhancing human performance

Bev started coaching individuals to enhance their personal and physical life which led to her creating a very successful personal training business. In 2005 Bev qualified as a certified Life Coach and published her book “Be your own Personal Trainer”. And in 2008 Bev became a Master practitioner in both NLP & Hypnosis.
Personal development is a personal passion for Bev and one that she enjoys investing in for herself as well as assisting others.
Bev is passionate about living an amazing life and inspiring others to be ‘living a life to be proud of’.