Saturday, 22 September 2012

Breath & Take Your Time

'Am I moving too slow?' is one of the most asked questions I get from clients.

I was participating in a Pilates class this morning & the person next to me......... wow.... it was exhausting to see how stressed they were, how punishing they moved their body and the force of each breath.... I wish they could have taken a moment & listened to the teacher who was constantly saying 'slow down'

I was almost hyperventilating with they're constant loud breath, jerky crazy movements...... Have any of you felt that?

I constantly had to keep bringing my focus back to me, my practise & my breath.

'Bless them' I thought, they are so wanting to do the 'right thing' to 'work hard' to ...... but what I saw was someone that was in a  'racy' 'stressed' place that was only punishing their body harder and harder. Sadly they were missing out on there session being effective, efficient & getting results.

I find with my clients that because we are living in a fast paced world  that learning to slow things down not only brings calm, energy & focus yet also brings more and more physical challenge. It's so much harder to do an exercise slowly & controlled

Our bodies are very clever & adaptable especially with pain.   Not all pain is bad, as my yoga teacher says 'pain is giving birth, a broken bone .... what you are feeling  in this pose is the feeling of getting strong'.- wow! This made me giggle... & it also shifted my mind set!

As humans we feel that the feeling of getting strong is one to be avoided.  With this avoidance becomes fast movements, giving up exercise, returning to rest quickly, doing exercises incorrectly as we don't enjoy a little discomfort etc

Your breath is your best friend, it is your breath that calms you, it is your breath that brings focus, clarity, lifts you away from the 'pain', brings greater concentration & meditation (the zone for exercisers). 

Coach Carter says...'Quality is better than Quanitity' 

Your easy & simple take home practise this week

-  Breath slow & deep into your lungs 5 times before you start your exercise class/session/run etc
leave work, family, problems, stresses behind after these 5 breaths - this is your time
-  Slow your movements down by counting 1 - 10 in one repetition  - weight work, stretches, abdominals, push ups etc and notice how much more energy, focus & strength it takes
-  Get to feel the feelings of getting stronger & learn how to rise above it in your mind - this is empowering
- Take 5 deep slow breaths after stretching and feel energised about rest of day

Let me know how you go!

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