Saturday, 16 June 2012

Hugs for happiness

Are you getting your 5 hugs a day for your health & happiness?

Here's one of mine! Meet my pooch Sydney!

Other fun ways to bring lightness to your step, smile & shine from the inside:-

Random acts of Kindness - Makes you feel amazing, go on lets make someone else day!
Variety is the spice of life - Change things up, do different things
Be active - huff & puff
Get into nature -
Get in touch with someone you care about
spend 5 minutes sitting in silence

How easy is this?

Take an unexpected walk around the park, make a call to a special person, hug a tree & then sit  under it in silence for 5 minutes & then buy a coffee for a stranger!

Let me know how good you feel!

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Saturday, 9 June 2012

It's never to late to learn ski

“10 empowering reasons to say YES!!!”


Being in the mountains is total emersion with nature, whether it’s a day filled with blizzards, freezing wind or a divine sunny winter’s day. Nothing beats standing at the top of the mountain admiring the view while breathing in only fresh, pure and clean air! Being in nature is stimulating, refreshing, rejuvenating and relaxing to our stressed bodies. Being in this clear, fresh environment brings us to a place of appreciation of the beauty and simplicity of our world.



Skiing is a great way to meet new people, whether it’s in ski school, the lift queues, on the slopes, at a restaurant or a bar. Most people that ski do so with a passion, so how wonderful is it to be with lots of likeminded people, loving the outdoors and sharing the passion of the snow fields. There are few of these situations in life, such a natural way to enjoy meeting new and interesting people.


Stay young by learning a new skill

There is so much evidence to support the ‘keep learning, keep mentally stimulated philosophy’ as a great youth tonic. So how about learning another new skill? The process of learning to ski will remind you of many lessons in life – “keep going, pick yourself up after a fall, dust yourself off and start again, keep trying, practise makes perfect, etc.”


Overcome fear

Yes, it’s uncomfortable to be a beginner in anything, did you stop you when you were learning to walk and talk? NO... so whatever your fear or frustration, don’t let fear hold you back from trying! To go through this uncomfortable feeling, achieve and actually enjoy the experience is wonderful. Be smart and find a reputable ski school, ski instructor and start on the beginner slopes rather than get taken to the top of mountain with your dear friend who has skied for years! Take small steps to feel more and more confident. I throw you the challenge to TRY!



The personal sense of achievement is MAGIC; it fills you with pride and helps you move on to more new challenges. So be it that you “only fell over 10 times today, that you mastered the beginners slope or passed ski school”, get to feel proud about what you have accomplished. Can you imagine how good you will feel to say I CAN SKI!



Life in the mountains has everything needed to have fun: health spas, shopping, fine wine & food, socialising, sharing your adventures, warm fires, snow and of course skiing! My personal favourite is that you learn to laugh at yourself, skiing brings the child out in you, get scared, giggle and throw snow balls, what a blast!


Work out

Skiing is a fantastic way to work your body, especially those legs and bottom. Not only do your muscles have a great work out, but you don’t have to think about it, there are no repetitions or sets to count on the slopes. You will feel the muscles working, enjoy that feeling of toned strong legs and bottom, not forgetting the rest of your body. No matter what your skiing level is, you will be getting stronger and firmer everyday!


Get fit

“I love this!”How many holidays have you had that you can say, you had the best time and you got fitter? You will notice that no matter what your skiing ability, you will huff and puff for minutes or even hours on the slopes. This is fantastic for your aerobic fitness, therefore your general fitness, health and energy levels. The best part of getting fitter on the slopes is that you don’t even realise you’re training because you will be having so much fun, enjoying the environment and concentrating on your skiing. No heart rates to monitor, no personal trainer pushing you, no blaring music... just the feel of your heart pumping in your chest, the wind to your face and the sound of your skis cutting through the snow. I know what gym I prefer...


Special time

Have that special time with family, friends, co workers etc. Skiing is something that everyone can share together no matter what level of skier you are. Learn as a group, share as a family or friends and laugh at your funny adventures of the day. Skiing will bring lifelong memories of fun and achievements to share forever.


Personal freedom

There are not many times in our adult lives that we can really feel free. Freedom to me is ‘being in the moment’, free from stress, work worries, constraints of responsibilities etc whatever your skiing ability there are so many opportunities to be YOU, simply YOU as one in nature. When YOU have the balance and technique 100%, even for a moment, you will hear the sounds of silence, feel of air in your hair, sense of oneness with nature and get to know achievement in your heart – it’s being totally FREE!
When you get your invite to go to the snow fields, say YES, YES, YES!!!

Written by Bev Carter, for myspringday 2009. 0414415902,