Sunday, 13 May 2012

Why wouldn't you drink................

Immediately you can see that WATER is essential for our bodies & our health, it’s not a luxury item – it’s free, same for everyone, water is simply ESSENTIAL without even mentioning the ‘benefits to our skin, hair etc.  So what can we do to easily increase our water?

Try these?

·         Hot lemon water to start the day – alkalising, refreshing & soothing

·         Take a 1 litre bottle of water to work & place on your desk. Mark off hours of your working day and gentle ‘sup’ until you’ve finished it at the end of the working day.

·         Add some quality cordial, little fresh juice,  pieces of fruit – a little bit of flavour can really help you drink

·         Make it look sexy - A beautiful jug filled with water, lemon, mint leaves, ice cubes?? On the kitchen table and simply enjoy a glass every now & then

·         Take a break – instead of a smoko – take your water bottle/glass to the water bubbler

·         Drink a glass of water in between every alcoholic beverages

·         Drink less coffee, teas, alcohol, caffeinated energy drinks which have diuretic effect.  These will de hydrates body

·         Herbal teas – especially in winter – try different ones like ‘brown rice green tea’ ‘liquorice’ chai, lemon verbena (great to help you sleep too)

·         Make your own ice blocks in summer

·         Put water on dinner table (in a beautiful jug or special bottle) instead of cordial/fizzy drinks

·         Exercise!!!! When you train hard nothing beats water! Most people that don’t drink or enjoy water aren’t active enough so get up and move J

When we initially start increasing water you will find that you will need to visit the loo more often – this will pass and you’re body will adjust quickly so ......... get drinking!

No excuses as Nike would say ‘just do it’ you will feel amazing!
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