Sunday, 29 April 2012

Winners are grinners!

When I recently received this photo as 1994 winner of Pan Pacific Australasian Sport Aerobic Champion from my team member Gina Good, a torrent of memories came flooding back. It was so wonderful to be reminded of one of my personal achievements & the incredible journey that it took to get there!

It was our collective/team goal – three amazing girls that fiercely wanted to be the first all female team to become Australian Champions & then go to the World Cup!
While looking at this photo I thought it would be great to share what worked for me, with the hope that you will find something in this story that resonates and helps you achieve what you truly want.
Many people ask me.... Why haven’t I............? Why can’t I........? Why doesn’t my team .....? Etc etc
·         Have an inspiring, passionate, massive, exciting vision that stretches you -
You must have a vision, goal, intention that makes you get out of bed when you’d prefer not to for months/years – not minutes.
Without a vision, goal or intention you’re either dreaming or walking through your life with no direction, no responsibility or energy

Honestly, I had days that I woke up feeling that I couldn’t train, I was exhausted and my body screamed with pain! I ran my own PT business & trained four hrs a day at least six days a week, yet it was my goal & my commitment to achieve that goal which made me do my best every day – however big or small my best was.
-          As a team we all shared the passion, commitment, drive & vision which linked up in powerful ways – give your team, group, company the best way to direct their skills, energy, commitment and passion to a team goal & see them shine.
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·         Plan for success. 
Break into small steps that you can build on, so you do ‘climb that mountain that seemed so high’ Every successful athlete, business or performer has a plan. 

·         Be smart
Be as efficient with your time as you can, make smart choices in your training – sometimes it’s not the length of time but the quality of how you do things. Seek professional help –
a trainer, coach, financial, business adviser.

·         Get Professional support
The power of having a coach truly is incredible.
We had two coaches when we were training for Australian title, one didn’t work for two of us, but the second worked for all of us. What a difference that was! He brought our team together while building each of us up individually for ultimate successJ.
A good coach is one that will:
·         Support you.
·         Believe in you.
·         Keep you focussed on your vision.
·         Listen & understand.
·         Challenge you – to think, act, behave or believe in more resourceful ways.
·         Motivate & inspire you to new heights.
·         Stretch you to your real potential.

·         Be consistent
Consistency is the absolute key to achieving your goal.
My mantra is the ‘everything counts’, so every meal, every training session, everything I did counted & moved me closer to my goal. It really does feel invigorating to be so focussed. Consistency is the part of ‘being’ successful that people find the hardest, so ensure your goal is inspiring to help you with this. 

·         Move away from excuses & reasons into being successful
Time – Do you think running the country was a busy job?
Well John Howard found the time to walk everyday.
Energy – do you think Ian Thorpe would have used this as a reason to stop him training for his Olympic goal?
Injuries – again aches & pains are inevitable, even more serious injuries don’t stop NRL players training – they simply train differently allowing complete & successful rehabilitation while maintaining fitness (seek professional advice –
Be Honest – if you have a bad day, take responsibility & make the next day even better.
If you’re not achieving the outcomes, be honest with yourself! Be honest enough to say what it is that you need to do better – food choices, training choices, communication, time for you, get to bed earlier.

·         Acknowledgment
Acknowledge yourself & write down three things that you did well everyday – this simple thing brings huge changes to your mind set

·         Celebrate
It’s so important to take a moment with all your successes, big or small.
If you’re in a group, celebrate together as a team – celebration is like the bubble in champagne that bursts with energy to say ‘Thank you & well done!’ Enjoy finding new fresh ways of celebrating!
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Action + Awareness = Results
image provided by Gina Good & edited by Kiriana Wheaton - thank you both