Sunday, 11 March 2012

Have you seen this?

You never know how close you are............... Never give up your dreams!!/FFL.fightforlife

This facebook image is doing the rounds & got me thinking .......... What is it ? what is it that keeps us going?  How many times do we 'give up' just before success?...

My thoughts would be -

Energy - your vision/goal/intention must excite you, must energise you, must get you out of bed & motivate you to keep going even when it's a challenge.  The importance of setting goals that inspire you is essential for success.  Ask any elite athlete, performer, successful business,  Do your goal excite you? Does your vision motivate you to keep going? etc etc
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Action - take everyday towards your dreams. DO ... DO .... Do ... You can have a great mindset yet if you dont take action... its simply a day dream...
Coach carter "Awareness + Action = Results" 
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Belief -  Belief that you can acheive, this belief is the deep voice, your inner voice that 200% know you can do 'it'.  How many times do you hear a voice of 'not good enough, can't, too hard, dont deserve, not worthy...........' if you have this going on contact to create NEW resourceful ways of being.  It takes a moment to change.............

Supportive enviroment - Surround yourself with like minded people. Successful people are surrounded with other successful people.... health/fit/adventure people hang out together, negative people are exhausting, tend to hang out together & also sap others positivity. 
I appreciate that you might not want to 'cull' your long standing friendships so chose who you share your dreams, wishes & acheivements with.

Coaching - Behind every successful person, athlete, business guru, elite performer etc is someone.  Whether you call that person a coach, trainer, mentor or friend doesnt really matter.  They were the person that has shone the light on your vision when you needed, cheered you on when you needed it, believed in you, helped you see things different & gave you the honesty/truth that no ones has before that made you Shine into your vision. Get that person today & if you need that person contact for performance coaching that is life changing

I would love to hear your thoughts/secrets on this as it really is something that makes the difference in acheiving our goals or not................ Look forward to your comments...

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