Sunday, 19 February 2012

Coach Carter's top happiness tip

Start writing a Gratitude Journal

Be thankful, start writing your gratitude journal today!

“Today I am going to acknowledge all the things that I appreciate in my day. I will start my Gratitude Journal …..”

Some people are natural ‘positive’ thinkers; other people have had to learn it through life experiences, whilst some are simply not able to see anything good or any situations differently. This thought pattern of gratitude itself has an amazing impact on our world, thru outcomes, relationships and happiness. Consciously taking the time to see a different perspective in every situation is a great tool for happiness. Commencing a daily Gratitude Journal is an important habit to start.

Many years ago whilst going through a particularly tough personal time I found myself making the conscious decision to start my Gratitude Journal. I wanted to see and feel things differently, I found that being grateful was something that was easy and simple for me to try. From the moment I started ‘being grateful’ for things, no matter how small or big, I quickly noticed how much better I felt, it feels great! My Gratitude Journal is still a treasured part of my lifestyle.

Action of your Gratitude Journal

I choose to write in a special book for my Gratitude Journal, you can either combine this with your existing diary or start afresh with ‘myspringday’ journal. Simply write 3 things that you are grateful for, that have happened to you in your day, feel free to write more and then repeat the process every day. If after some soul searching you honestly feel that there is absolutely nothing that you can be grateful for, repeat the previous day’s entries.

Find a particular part of the day that suits to make your ‘journaling’ time, I personally prefer last thing at night as I find it puts me a happy mind frame for a good night’s sleep. Keep journaling; keep training your gratitude muscle and notice how you feel.

What is gratefulness?

Gratefulness is appreciation, thankfulness and acknowledgment. Being grateful is when you know, feel and see the best in every moment, possess a positive frame of mind and find positive outcomes in all situations. Being grateful is an attitude, a mind set, a tool for happiness and fulfillment! I encourage my clients to start a Gratitude Journal and I extend this to our ‘myspringday’ community, by making this simple choice of being grateful, it WILL make a difference not only to you but to all around - family, community, relationship, business, wellness etc.

Benefits of Being Grateful.

  • Changes your perspective: By noticing good things it encourages you to be in a happier more appreciative mind frame.
  • Sleep well: By gratitude journaling last thing at night you will help shift the unconscious mind away from dramas, problems into a space of gratefulness and calmness.
  • Happier relationships and family life: Everyone will benefit, by seeing the good things in people, you will encourage them to be and do more of the ‘good’ things.
  • Increased energy levels: Negative situations can be draining, happier ones are energizing!
  • Attract more people in your life: It’s simple, people love being around happy people
  • Improve your health and wellbeing: Being grateful not only feels good it’s fun and helps us to handle stressful, tough situations differently. Decreased stress levels impact positively on our health!
  • Improves posture: Being grateful and happier brings more confidence, with that the stance that comes with that mind frame.
  • Personal empowerment: You are empowering yourself to be the master of your thoughts and feelings.

Simple ways to action ‘gratitude’

  • Simply start your day with a smile as you open your eyes.
  • Take your first few steps out of bed and think words of gratitude e.g. “thank you”, “I am blessed” - If perhaps you haven’t slept well find something your grateful for e.g. the comfort of your bed, that your child is safe and well, your gorgeous pet being so happy to see you this morning etc. Start training your gratitude muscle.
  • Throughout your day notice all the things that have made a difference, a smile from a stranger, the offer from a colleague, the bus being a bit late so you could catch it and not be late for work, the surprise call from a friend etc....
  • If you have had ‘challenges’ during the day, try to see something you are grateful for in that moment, try to see another perspective, or ask yourself what the learning could be for you?
  • Notice nature around you and your environment every day, it’s always beautiful!
  • See the good things in all the people around you and tell them.
  • Practice, practice, practice, like everything in life, the more we do it the easier it will become.
  • Finish the day with your Gratitude Journal by writing a minimum of 3 things that you are grateful for that day, if you honestly can’t think of any; please simply repeat the previous day’s entry. Make this one of your daily rituals!
  • Acknowledge yourself for making the choice to be grateful.

Bev Carter, 'It's time to shine Performance Coach.
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