Sunday, 22 January 2012

The secret's out!

Happy New Year!

My first couple of weeks of 2012 has been interesting, insightful & frustrating! Why frustrating - tell you later....... How has yours been?

As a Health Coach & Trainer for over 20years I get asked the same question! Thousands of times I have been asked it!  My clients that have trasformed they're health, happiness & lifestyle tell me they get asked the same question! 

'The' question has now become a symbol of personal acheivement for my clients, when I hear a client has been asked the question, I  "yeeha" out loud as its time to celebrate!  Because  my client has done it!!!! They have acheived, conquered & the rest of the world can now see it!

So what is the question??????

"What's your secret to your success in ..................?" "how did you do 'it'!"

People want to hear of the secret pill, the secret trainer, the secret diet, the secret technique, secret hand out etc!  So hear it is.............

Energy in = Energy out

Simple isnt it! Simple it is.  YES!

You might feel that I am talking about weight loss, fitness yet also what I have seen & know that this replicates in so many areas of life

Energy is action!
Energy is doing!
Energy is Food!
Energy is Exercise
Energy is Life!
Energy is Everything!
So what part of your world to you need to put more energy in! What parts of your life & health do you need to take out!

What are you really willing to put energy into ! This is where my frustration is...... because it really is this simple so why do some of us avoid 'Doing' things?

If you have an area of your life that you are 'stuck', 'challenging' or you seem to be repeating the same patterns & you've really had ENOUGH!

Call Bev 0414 415 902 today , invest in yourself, put energy in the future you want & make Change. 

Life is too short for regrets, excuses & reasons.... life is for living!

Awareness + Action = Results