Wednesday, 10 October 2012

'A Year from now you will wish you had started today'

Start Today!

A very powerful statement isnt it?

Got you thinking?

So what can you START TODAY to make your health, happiness & energy a priority?
Some thing that I see & hear  very often is the 'all or nothing approach' - start out doing 200% of everything... and then give up on yourself saying too its too hard - is this you?

So my suggestion would be to start with one or two smart things
Some simple & effective 'things' to DO TODAY
  • Increase incidental exercise
  • increase water
  • remove refined sugars
  • get moving 3 - 6 activities/workouts/huff & puff a week 
  • Hire a personal trainer
  • focus on portion size
  • Take a walk after evening meal with your partner
  • reduce or cutdown on alcohol
  • Take your lunch to work everyday
  • Sign up for Ishine* program -
The key to success is consistancy, so start by being smart & make it simple so you can build on your success so you can be excited about the year ahead!

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This image was from someone I admire Mr Kerwin Rae
quote by Karen Lamb

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Breath & Take Your Time

'Am I moving too slow?' is one of the most asked questions I get from clients.

I was participating in a Pilates class this morning & the person next to me......... wow.... it was exhausting to see how stressed they were, how punishing they moved their body and the force of each breath.... I wish they could have taken a moment & listened to the teacher who was constantly saying 'slow down'

I was almost hyperventilating with they're constant loud breath, jerky crazy movements...... Have any of you felt that?

I constantly had to keep bringing my focus back to me, my practise & my breath.

'Bless them' I thought, they are so wanting to do the 'right thing' to 'work hard' to ...... but what I saw was someone that was in a  'racy' 'stressed' place that was only punishing their body harder and harder. Sadly they were missing out on there session being effective, efficient & getting results.

I find with my clients that because we are living in a fast paced world  that learning to slow things down not only brings calm, energy & focus yet also brings more and more physical challenge. It's so much harder to do an exercise slowly & controlled

Our bodies are very clever & adaptable especially with pain.   Not all pain is bad, as my yoga teacher says 'pain is giving birth, a broken bone .... what you are feeling  in this pose is the feeling of getting strong'.- wow! This made me giggle... & it also shifted my mind set!

As humans we feel that the feeling of getting strong is one to be avoided.  With this avoidance becomes fast movements, giving up exercise, returning to rest quickly, doing exercises incorrectly as we don't enjoy a little discomfort etc

Your breath is your best friend, it is your breath that calms you, it is your breath that brings focus, clarity, lifts you away from the 'pain', brings greater concentration & meditation (the zone for exercisers). 

Coach Carter says...'Quality is better than Quanitity' 

Your easy & simple take home practise this week

-  Breath slow & deep into your lungs 5 times before you start your exercise class/session/run etc
leave work, family, problems, stresses behind after these 5 breaths - this is your time
-  Slow your movements down by counting 1 - 10 in one repetition  - weight work, stretches, abdominals, push ups etc and notice how much more energy, focus & strength it takes
-  Get to feel the feelings of getting stronger & learn how to rise above it in your mind - this is empowering
- Take 5 deep slow breaths after stretching and feel energised about rest of day

Let me know how you go!

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Sunday, 15 July 2012

BEing ME

I wrote this in 1997 & I came across it again last week. It has taken alot of courage to share such vunerability & personal truth with you all but the message is so important -

I haven’t quite thought of a title for this but it’s written from the heart to try and educate and touch people of a problem that is bigger than you would imagine.  Call it the disease of the 90’s, the slimmers disease, call it anything you want but understand it is a huge, it’s something that could be effecting the person sitting beside you on the train, the person you work with, the person in magazines etc. but the one thing about this is that you’ll probably never know.  It’s a lonely, sad, painful existence that is lived.  There are many forms of eating disorders not necessarily the highly publicized full blown Anorexia and Bulimia, how many of you feel guilty if you eat something you think might be bad, don’t eat because it doesn’t make you hungry, how many starve themselves all day then over eat, have fat days, refuse to put on those jeans and  what about having no control over food?  These are some small examples of warning signs and there is a big percentage of people out there that so feel this way!!!

 I am writing this as a sufferer for many, many years and one who kept this from the world, family and friends.  This is a story of a girl who had it all, yep almost a perfect life yet something inside made her hurt so deep.  It’s a story of survival and hopefully one of inspiration to many people going through a similar thing!

 I think it all started from a childhood dream, I wanted to be like Olga Korbat, like many young girls at the time she was my hero, such a wonderful athlete, great performer and so loved.  I took up gymnastics not so long afterwards.  Luckily I had potential and was taken by one of the best coaches in the country, my dream had began.

 I trained so hard yet it was more than fun it was a passion and I was good, by the time I was 10 years old I was in the National squad and I remained there for a further 7 years.  I never grew too tall, I was fit, flexible, strong and brave and to many of my friends I had it all.  I saw many gym friends go through a very private hell, they were growing too tall, they were developing and as a gymnast it’s a nightmare.  Not for the typical body image reasons you might imagine but because it made moves they had learnt years ago so much harder to perform, everything was changing, it took more and more effort, so what do you do?  You try to maintain the little girl that you’ve always been!  Meanwhile I hadn’t reached this point, but I could see it all around me. I was in my teenage years yet I still was a young girl, due only to the fact that I trained so so hard all my energy was on surviving and achieving, in all my years of gymnastic I honestly never saw drugs.  But my day came..... I remember the judges saying to my mum, “I think she needs to cut down on the bread and potatoes!!”, it was “starch” era.  Luckily my mum is a bloody good mum and told the fat, old jealous woman to not be so stupid.  But I’ll always remember.

 Unfortunately my gymnastic career was brought to an abrupt end, one that took me many years to come to terms with, I suffered a severe back injury and spent the next 2 years trying to get sorted out so I could live a normal life.  This created more dramas, “Ex gymnasts always go big and fat”, I was determined to fix up that one up and of course like a true goal orientated  person I was successful.

For the next few years I controlled my weight by eating low fat or more successfully by not eating for a few days even weeks.  It amazes me how easy it was, no one ever suspected a thing. I’d go through times when it wouldn’t be an issue but without a reason it would become my whole focus.  But I looked great to the outside world.  Looking back I notice a pattern, men problems, the odd words, the odd article of clothing would trigger me off.  But the worst was yet to come..

 I travelled and experienced some unbelievable places and people.  Once settling back into normal existence the fears returned.  I needed a kick so I hired a personal trainer who was a wonderful inspiration to me and success soon followed.  In fact more than I ever imagined, I was asked to make a team of 3 girls and we were going to conquer the world of Aerobics.  We trained like people possessed, we dieted to look the picture of a true athlete, I never realized the can of worms I had re-opened!  I was competing again, I was good and I had a goal, I was alive again.  But for how long?  Once a competition was over it was so hard to lose your “leanness”, “definitions” but  our bodies were at a stage that we could never maintain for a long period of time, but I wanted to.

 After 2 years we had become very successful as a team, but as you can imagine it was hard going with all the personalities.  We ended our Team as National and Australasian Champions.  In that time my body had become my measure of success, people judged me by it and it was my living.  The pressure to maintain the perfect body was intense and not having a goal to aim at made it even harder but I did.  I continued my strict eating and training regime, which brought me to another highlight.

I was offered a job as a TV personality in a new and exciting programme.  I was so thrilled, it gave me another goal but it also brought another box of trouble.  Being on TV makes you look 10 lbs heavier, yuk!!!!  Not wearing many clothes and men eager to point out faults, not ever mine but hearing people talking about someone’s “fat butt” made you wonder what they were saying about you!!!!  Yes it was a time for great insecurities for everyone and we all had different ways of dealing it.  They will stay private to those people.

In the year that followed it all changed, I slowly became a Bulimic, when we finished filming the Bulimia took over my life, yet it was still my secret but I was losing control.   The show was axed after months of uncertainty and a  heartbreaking  break up of my relationship brought everything to a point of no return.  I knew I needed help but where to go??,  let me say it brought me to my knees, I thought my life had ended!  I now know that life as I knew had.  I had to take charge, I found help and more importantly over time I found me.  I had to break down all the false images around me, I had to love the person I was and that’s the message I want to get across to even just one of you.  It’s not a food thing, it’s a self hate, lack of self-esteem, lack of self worth, it’s a deep pain within that has to be addressed not food.  So start with the smallest step and then in time your life will gradually be yours again to live to the full!!

 It’s taken time and I know that I will always carry this with me but I am me, uniquely me, I am so much stronger, happier and know that balance is in my life so please don’t ever feel alone, so please take the first step, the first responsibility and be free!!!

That was 15 years ago - wow it was interesting to read what I felt like then. Now my life is simple, balanced & happy :)

What would you say to someone like me?

For me I want to say to my younger self .... You are strong, courageous & I am so proud of the person you are everyday.

Have you found an old letter?

What would you say to the younger you?

Please share with all your loved ones especially our young generation boys & girls that struggle with simply being the wonderful, unique & loved people they truly are x

For anyone who feels they need support to move through this please call me 0414415902 or seek other professional advise TODAY

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Coach Bev Carter - July Marie Claire

How To Beat Stress

Feeling exhausted before you even get out of bed? We identify the burnout warning signs to help you beat the modern-day blues.
It’s a cruel twist of nature that stress saved our lives during caveman times, but in the modern age it’s wreaking havoc on our bodies and minds. We’re overexposed to stress. If you’re ending each week emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted, you’re probably headed towards a burnout, and it’s not going to be pretty.
The problem is all down to a couple of hormones called adrenaline and cortisol, which are produced by the body in response to stressful situations. “Biologically, when our fight-or-flight response is activated, adrenaline and cortisol enter the bloodstream, which was very helpful when we were fighting off sabre-toothed tigers,” explains Melissa Podmore, psychologist and yoga teacher. “But in modern-day life, long-term exposure to these hormones is harmful.” Think heart disease, high blood pressure and panic attacks.
The solution? It’s all about being aware of the day-to-day signals that we too often ignore, and then working in a few lifestyle adjustments for a happier and more productive life.

Red flag

You can't stop shopping
In times of stress, habitual behaviour becomes a way to derive a sense of pleasure and relief from relentless pressure. Under normal circumstances, a spot of retail therapy is a harmless enjoyment. It becomes a concern when it’s used to avoid a problem and you’re spending money you don’t have.
“Behaviours like shopping and gambling offer respite from anxiety and can lead to a vicious loop of wanting to engage in the addictive behaviour again and again,” says Podmore. Trans-cendental meditation is an effective way to slow down impulsive behaviour and helps you make more insightful decisions on a daily basis. Dr Tim Carr, who specialises in consciousness-based health care, says: “The body experiences deep rest while the mind remains active yet clear. The stress reduces and your brain starts to function like it should.”

Red flag

You’re making snap decisions
Feeling so frustrated you want to end your relationship or tell your boss to go to hell? It could be the worst decision you ever make. “stress changes the way the brain functions,” notes Dr Carr. “There is a reduction in brain activity in the prefrontal cortex, which looks after planning, motivation and judgement, and more activity in the back of the brain, which is more primal and reactionary.” So when you’re stressed, you act reflexively, without proper thought and consideration. “I recommend not making extreme decisions when you’re feeling stressed,” agrees Podmore. “You need to extract yourself from the situation and then make a decision when you’ve had time to reflect. You want to reduce the collateral damage and fallout from an overreaction.”

Red flag

You’ve lost interest in sex
stress can also play havoc with relationships. If you’re exhausted after a day at the office, sex is often not on the agenda. “Sex takes energy,” points out Podmore. “Many women suffer a lack of libido during periods of high pressure, which can lead to relationship problems and self-criticism.” Regular massage therapy can help shift you out of the stress cycle, helping you to unwind and reconnect with your partner, asserts Fiona Cosgrove, life and wellness coach, and national general manager of The Golden Door Australia. “Having regular massage is about caring for and honouring your body. We need to reframe what these activities represent and treat them as necessary maintenance on the body and a way to self-care, or even self-love.”

Red flag

You're having lunch at 3pm
Adrenaline from stress can act as an appetite suppressant, but it can come undone when your blood sugar dips and you can no longer resist that doughnut come 3pm. “3pm is often when the body is most active and hungry,” says Sue Zbornik, nutrition therapist and author of Find Your Happetite (Motivational Press, $19.95). If you’ve missed breakfast and lunch, you’re going to be more likely to indulge in something sugary, which then sends you back on the blood sugar roller-coaster. The trick is to have an eating plan in place for when life starts to get out of control. “I like to stick to the three, three, three rule when it comes to food,” reveals Zbornik. “Three meals, three snacks, three hours apart. And make sure you’re getting a lot of coloured foods in each meal: think sweet potato, capsicum and fatty fish, like salmon – all high in antioxidants to fight free-radical harm that occurs when you’re stressed.”

Red flag

You're exhausted but you can't sleep
Your old friend adrenaline isn’t about to let you rest after a day filled with nervous energy. Your mind stays alert, even when you’re physically exhausted and need to rest. Performance coach Bev Carter advocates daily exercise, preferably a mix of planned and incidental: “Incorporating exercise into every day isn’t easy, but the benefits are enormous. You’ll work off all that restless energy that keeps you up at night and you’ll encourage the body to produce endorphins, the happy hormone.” It can be as simple as going for a walk in the morning, taking the stairs at work, and a yoga stretch in the evening to help the body prepare for rest.

3 Simple Ways To Survive Stress

1. “Don’t avoid fat,” counsels nutrition therapist Sue Zbornik. “Just choose the right type.” Essential fatty acids are important for brain function, especially mood regulation, so incorporate good fats into most meals. “It’s as simple as adding an avocado to your sandwich and flaxseed oil to your salad dressing,” says Zbornik.
2. “If you know you’re about to enter into a stressful time, start taking vitamins B and C,” suggests performance coach Bev Carter. Vitamin B offers protection from adrenaline overload and keeps you brimming with positive energy more consistently throughout the day.
3. “If you’ve been frantic all day, you can’t expect the body just to shut down and go to sleep,” says psychologist Melissa Podmore. “You really need to start slowly moving into the restful state a couple of hours before bed.” So turn off the TV, switch off your mobile and run a bath – the change in body temperature will also help trigger your sleep hormones, helping you to get the best rest possible.

A simple, five-minute breathing exercise

Find a quiet spot without too many distractions and find your breath’s natural rhythm. Press your left nostril closed with your thumb and inhale through your right nostril. Remove your thumb and close your right nostril with your forefinger and exhale through your left nostril. Without changing fingers, inhale through your left nostril. Change fingers, exhale through the right. Inhale through the right and exhale through the left, and so on. Continue for about five breaths, keeping each inhalation and exhalation even and consistent. Focusing on the breath will calm the mind and help you get the most out of your day.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Hugs for happiness

Are you getting your 5 hugs a day for your health & happiness?

Here's one of mine! Meet my pooch Sydney!

Other fun ways to bring lightness to your step, smile & shine from the inside:-

Random acts of Kindness - Makes you feel amazing, go on lets make someone else day!
Variety is the spice of life - Change things up, do different things
Be active - huff & puff
Get into nature -
Get in touch with someone you care about
spend 5 minutes sitting in silence

How easy is this?

Take an unexpected walk around the park, make a call to a special person, hug a tree & then sit  under it in silence for 5 minutes & then buy a coffee for a stranger!

Let me know how good you feel!

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Saturday, 9 June 2012

It's never to late to learn ski

“10 empowering reasons to say YES!!!”


Being in the mountains is total emersion with nature, whether it’s a day filled with blizzards, freezing wind or a divine sunny winter’s day. Nothing beats standing at the top of the mountain admiring the view while breathing in only fresh, pure and clean air! Being in nature is stimulating, refreshing, rejuvenating and relaxing to our stressed bodies. Being in this clear, fresh environment brings us to a place of appreciation of the beauty and simplicity of our world.



Skiing is a great way to meet new people, whether it’s in ski school, the lift queues, on the slopes, at a restaurant or a bar. Most people that ski do so with a passion, so how wonderful is it to be with lots of likeminded people, loving the outdoors and sharing the passion of the snow fields. There are few of these situations in life, such a natural way to enjoy meeting new and interesting people.


Stay young by learning a new skill

There is so much evidence to support the ‘keep learning, keep mentally stimulated philosophy’ as a great youth tonic. So how about learning another new skill? The process of learning to ski will remind you of many lessons in life – “keep going, pick yourself up after a fall, dust yourself off and start again, keep trying, practise makes perfect, etc.”


Overcome fear

Yes, it’s uncomfortable to be a beginner in anything, did you stop you when you were learning to walk and talk? NO... so whatever your fear or frustration, don’t let fear hold you back from trying! To go through this uncomfortable feeling, achieve and actually enjoy the experience is wonderful. Be smart and find a reputable ski school, ski instructor and start on the beginner slopes rather than get taken to the top of mountain with your dear friend who has skied for years! Take small steps to feel more and more confident. I throw you the challenge to TRY!



The personal sense of achievement is MAGIC; it fills you with pride and helps you move on to more new challenges. So be it that you “only fell over 10 times today, that you mastered the beginners slope or passed ski school”, get to feel proud about what you have accomplished. Can you imagine how good you will feel to say I CAN SKI!



Life in the mountains has everything needed to have fun: health spas, shopping, fine wine & food, socialising, sharing your adventures, warm fires, snow and of course skiing! My personal favourite is that you learn to laugh at yourself, skiing brings the child out in you, get scared, giggle and throw snow balls, what a blast!


Work out

Skiing is a fantastic way to work your body, especially those legs and bottom. Not only do your muscles have a great work out, but you don’t have to think about it, there are no repetitions or sets to count on the slopes. You will feel the muscles working, enjoy that feeling of toned strong legs and bottom, not forgetting the rest of your body. No matter what your skiing level is, you will be getting stronger and firmer everyday!


Get fit

“I love this!”How many holidays have you had that you can say, you had the best time and you got fitter? You will notice that no matter what your skiing ability, you will huff and puff for minutes or even hours on the slopes. This is fantastic for your aerobic fitness, therefore your general fitness, health and energy levels. The best part of getting fitter on the slopes is that you don’t even realise you’re training because you will be having so much fun, enjoying the environment and concentrating on your skiing. No heart rates to monitor, no personal trainer pushing you, no blaring music... just the feel of your heart pumping in your chest, the wind to your face and the sound of your skis cutting through the snow. I know what gym I prefer...


Special time

Have that special time with family, friends, co workers etc. Skiing is something that everyone can share together no matter what level of skier you are. Learn as a group, share as a family or friends and laugh at your funny adventures of the day. Skiing will bring lifelong memories of fun and achievements to share forever.


Personal freedom

There are not many times in our adult lives that we can really feel free. Freedom to me is ‘being in the moment’, free from stress, work worries, constraints of responsibilities etc whatever your skiing ability there are so many opportunities to be YOU, simply YOU as one in nature. When YOU have the balance and technique 100%, even for a moment, you will hear the sounds of silence, feel of air in your hair, sense of oneness with nature and get to know achievement in your heart – it’s being totally FREE!
When you get your invite to go to the snow fields, say YES, YES, YES!!!

Written by Bev Carter, for myspringday 2009. 0414415902,

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Why wouldn't you drink................

Immediately you can see that WATER is essential for our bodies & our health, it’s not a luxury item – it’s free, same for everyone, water is simply ESSENTIAL without even mentioning the ‘benefits to our skin, hair etc.  So what can we do to easily increase our water?

Try these?

·         Hot lemon water to start the day – alkalising, refreshing & soothing

·         Take a 1 litre bottle of water to work & place on your desk. Mark off hours of your working day and gentle ‘sup’ until you’ve finished it at the end of the working day.

·         Add some quality cordial, little fresh juice,  pieces of fruit – a little bit of flavour can really help you drink

·         Make it look sexy - A beautiful jug filled with water, lemon, mint leaves, ice cubes?? On the kitchen table and simply enjoy a glass every now & then

·         Take a break – instead of a smoko – take your water bottle/glass to the water bubbler

·         Drink a glass of water in between every alcoholic beverages

·         Drink less coffee, teas, alcohol, caffeinated energy drinks which have diuretic effect.  These will de hydrates body

·         Herbal teas – especially in winter – try different ones like ‘brown rice green tea’ ‘liquorice’ chai, lemon verbena (great to help you sleep too)

·         Make your own ice blocks in summer

·         Put water on dinner table (in a beautiful jug or special bottle) instead of cordial/fizzy drinks

·         Exercise!!!! When you train hard nothing beats water! Most people that don’t drink or enjoy water aren’t active enough so get up and move J

When we initially start increasing water you will find that you will need to visit the loo more often – this will pass and you’re body will adjust quickly so ......... get drinking!

No excuses as Nike would say ‘just do it’ you will feel amazing!
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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Winners are grinners!

When I recently received this photo as 1994 winner of Pan Pacific Australasian Sport Aerobic Champion from my team member Gina Good, a torrent of memories came flooding back. It was so wonderful to be reminded of one of my personal achievements & the incredible journey that it took to get there!

It was our collective/team goal – three amazing girls that fiercely wanted to be the first all female team to become Australian Champions & then go to the World Cup!
While looking at this photo I thought it would be great to share what worked for me, with the hope that you will find something in this story that resonates and helps you achieve what you truly want.
Many people ask me.... Why haven’t I............? Why can’t I........? Why doesn’t my team .....? Etc etc
·         Have an inspiring, passionate, massive, exciting vision that stretches you -
You must have a vision, goal, intention that makes you get out of bed when you’d prefer not to for months/years – not minutes.
Without a vision, goal or intention you’re either dreaming or walking through your life with no direction, no responsibility or energy

Honestly, I had days that I woke up feeling that I couldn’t train, I was exhausted and my body screamed with pain! I ran my own PT business & trained four hrs a day at least six days a week, yet it was my goal & my commitment to achieve that goal which made me do my best every day – however big or small my best was.
-          As a team we all shared the passion, commitment, drive & vision which linked up in powerful ways – give your team, group, company the best way to direct their skills, energy, commitment and passion to a team goal & see them shine.
Contact today to help you make your goals inspiring, exciting,
fun & powerful

·         Plan for success. 
Break into small steps that you can build on, so you do ‘climb that mountain that seemed so high’ Every successful athlete, business or performer has a plan. 

·         Be smart
Be as efficient with your time as you can, make smart choices in your training – sometimes it’s not the length of time but the quality of how you do things. Seek professional help –
a trainer, coach, financial, business adviser.

·         Get Professional support
The power of having a coach truly is incredible.
We had two coaches when we were training for Australian title, one didn’t work for two of us, but the second worked for all of us. What a difference that was! He brought our team together while building each of us up individually for ultimate successJ.
A good coach is one that will:
·         Support you.
·         Believe in you.
·         Keep you focussed on your vision.
·         Listen & understand.
·         Challenge you – to think, act, behave or believe in more resourceful ways.
·         Motivate & inspire you to new heights.
·         Stretch you to your real potential.

·         Be consistent
Consistency is the absolute key to achieving your goal.
My mantra is the ‘everything counts’, so every meal, every training session, everything I did counted & moved me closer to my goal. It really does feel invigorating to be so focussed. Consistency is the part of ‘being’ successful that people find the hardest, so ensure your goal is inspiring to help you with this. 

·         Move away from excuses & reasons into being successful
Time – Do you think running the country was a busy job?
Well John Howard found the time to walk everyday.
Energy – do you think Ian Thorpe would have used this as a reason to stop him training for his Olympic goal?
Injuries – again aches & pains are inevitable, even more serious injuries don’t stop NRL players training – they simply train differently allowing complete & successful rehabilitation while maintaining fitness (seek professional advice –
Be Honest – if you have a bad day, take responsibility & make the next day even better.
If you’re not achieving the outcomes, be honest with yourself! Be honest enough to say what it is that you need to do better – food choices, training choices, communication, time for you, get to bed earlier.

·         Acknowledgment
Acknowledge yourself & write down three things that you did well everyday – this simple thing brings huge changes to your mind set

·         Celebrate
It’s so important to take a moment with all your successes, big or small.
If you’re in a group, celebrate together as a team – celebration is like the bubble in champagne that bursts with energy to say ‘Thank you & well done!’ Enjoy finding new fresh ways of celebrating!
I look forward to hearing about all your success whether they are big or small on!/Itstimetoshineworld
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Action + Awareness = Results
image provided by Gina Good & edited by Kiriana Wheaton - thank you both

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Have you seen this?

You never know how close you are............... Never give up your dreams!!/FFL.fightforlife

This facebook image is doing the rounds & got me thinking .......... What is it ? what is it that keeps us going?  How many times do we 'give up' just before success?...

My thoughts would be -

Energy - your vision/goal/intention must excite you, must energise you, must get you out of bed & motivate you to keep going even when it's a challenge.  The importance of setting goals that inspire you is essential for success.  Ask any elite athlete, performer, successful business,  Do your goal excite you? Does your vision motivate you to keep going? etc etc
To make this happen easily & quickly contact  today

Action - take everyday towards your dreams. DO ... DO .... Do ... You can have a great mindset yet if you dont take action... its simply a day dream...
Coach carter "Awareness + Action = Results" 
If you need help on accountability contact

Belief -  Belief that you can acheive, this belief is the deep voice, your inner voice that 200% know you can do 'it'.  How many times do you hear a voice of 'not good enough, can't, too hard, dont deserve, not worthy...........' if you have this going on contact to create NEW resourceful ways of being.  It takes a moment to change.............

Supportive enviroment - Surround yourself with like minded people. Successful people are surrounded with other successful people.... health/fit/adventure people hang out together, negative people are exhausting, tend to hang out together & also sap others positivity. 
I appreciate that you might not want to 'cull' your long standing friendships so chose who you share your dreams, wishes & acheivements with.

Coaching - Behind every successful person, athlete, business guru, elite performer etc is someone.  Whether you call that person a coach, trainer, mentor or friend doesnt really matter.  They were the person that has shone the light on your vision when you needed, cheered you on when you needed it, believed in you, helped you see things different & gave you the honesty/truth that no ones has before that made you Shine into your vision. Get that person today & if you need that person contact for performance coaching that is life changing

I would love to hear your thoughts/secrets on this as it really is something that makes the difference in acheiving our goals or not................ Look forward to your comments...

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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Coach Carter's top happiness tip

Start writing a Gratitude Journal

Be thankful, start writing your gratitude journal today!

“Today I am going to acknowledge all the things that I appreciate in my day. I will start my Gratitude Journal …..”

Some people are natural ‘positive’ thinkers; other people have had to learn it through life experiences, whilst some are simply not able to see anything good or any situations differently. This thought pattern of gratitude itself has an amazing impact on our world, thru outcomes, relationships and happiness. Consciously taking the time to see a different perspective in every situation is a great tool for happiness. Commencing a daily Gratitude Journal is an important habit to start.

Many years ago whilst going through a particularly tough personal time I found myself making the conscious decision to start my Gratitude Journal. I wanted to see and feel things differently, I found that being grateful was something that was easy and simple for me to try. From the moment I started ‘being grateful’ for things, no matter how small or big, I quickly noticed how much better I felt, it feels great! My Gratitude Journal is still a treasured part of my lifestyle.

Action of your Gratitude Journal

I choose to write in a special book for my Gratitude Journal, you can either combine this with your existing diary or start afresh with ‘myspringday’ journal. Simply write 3 things that you are grateful for, that have happened to you in your day, feel free to write more and then repeat the process every day. If after some soul searching you honestly feel that there is absolutely nothing that you can be grateful for, repeat the previous day’s entries.

Find a particular part of the day that suits to make your ‘journaling’ time, I personally prefer last thing at night as I find it puts me a happy mind frame for a good night’s sleep. Keep journaling; keep training your gratitude muscle and notice how you feel.

What is gratefulness?

Gratefulness is appreciation, thankfulness and acknowledgment. Being grateful is when you know, feel and see the best in every moment, possess a positive frame of mind and find positive outcomes in all situations. Being grateful is an attitude, a mind set, a tool for happiness and fulfillment! I encourage my clients to start a Gratitude Journal and I extend this to our ‘myspringday’ community, by making this simple choice of being grateful, it WILL make a difference not only to you but to all around - family, community, relationship, business, wellness etc.

Benefits of Being Grateful.

  • Changes your perspective: By noticing good things it encourages you to be in a happier more appreciative mind frame.
  • Sleep well: By gratitude journaling last thing at night you will help shift the unconscious mind away from dramas, problems into a space of gratefulness and calmness.
  • Happier relationships and family life: Everyone will benefit, by seeing the good things in people, you will encourage them to be and do more of the ‘good’ things.
  • Increased energy levels: Negative situations can be draining, happier ones are energizing!
  • Attract more people in your life: It’s simple, people love being around happy people
  • Improve your health and wellbeing: Being grateful not only feels good it’s fun and helps us to handle stressful, tough situations differently. Decreased stress levels impact positively on our health!
  • Improves posture: Being grateful and happier brings more confidence, with that the stance that comes with that mind frame.
  • Personal empowerment: You are empowering yourself to be the master of your thoughts and feelings.

Simple ways to action ‘gratitude’

  • Simply start your day with a smile as you open your eyes.
  • Take your first few steps out of bed and think words of gratitude e.g. “thank you”, “I am blessed” - If perhaps you haven’t slept well find something your grateful for e.g. the comfort of your bed, that your child is safe and well, your gorgeous pet being so happy to see you this morning etc. Start training your gratitude muscle.
  • Throughout your day notice all the things that have made a difference, a smile from a stranger, the offer from a colleague, the bus being a bit late so you could catch it and not be late for work, the surprise call from a friend etc....
  • If you have had ‘challenges’ during the day, try to see something you are grateful for in that moment, try to see another perspective, or ask yourself what the learning could be for you?
  • Notice nature around you and your environment every day, it’s always beautiful!
  • See the good things in all the people around you and tell them.
  • Practice, practice, practice, like everything in life, the more we do it the easier it will become.
  • Finish the day with your Gratitude Journal by writing a minimum of 3 things that you are grateful for that day, if you honestly can’t think of any; please simply repeat the previous day’s entry. Make this one of your daily rituals!
  • Acknowledge yourself for making the choice to be grateful.

Bev Carter, 'It's time to shine Performance Coach.
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Sunday, 22 January 2012

The secret's out!

Happy New Year!

My first couple of weeks of 2012 has been interesting, insightful & frustrating! Why frustrating - tell you later....... How has yours been?

As a Health Coach & Trainer for over 20years I get asked the same question! Thousands of times I have been asked it!  My clients that have trasformed they're health, happiness & lifestyle tell me they get asked the same question! 

'The' question has now become a symbol of personal acheivement for my clients, when I hear a client has been asked the question, I  "yeeha" out loud as its time to celebrate!  Because  my client has done it!!!! They have acheived, conquered & the rest of the world can now see it!

So what is the question??????

"What's your secret to your success in ..................?" "how did you do 'it'!"

People want to hear of the secret pill, the secret trainer, the secret diet, the secret technique, secret hand out etc!  So hear it is.............

Energy in = Energy out

Simple isnt it! Simple it is.  YES!

You might feel that I am talking about weight loss, fitness yet also what I have seen & know that this replicates in so many areas of life

Energy is action!
Energy is doing!
Energy is Food!
Energy is Exercise
Energy is Life!
Energy is Everything!
So what part of your world to you need to put more energy in! What parts of your life & health do you need to take out!

What are you really willing to put energy into ! This is where my frustration is...... because it really is this simple so why do some of us avoid 'Doing' things?

If you have an area of your life that you are 'stuck', 'challenging' or you seem to be repeating the same patterns & you've really had ENOUGH!

Call Bev 0414 415 902 today , invest in yourself, put energy in the future you want & make Change. 

Life is too short for regrets, excuses & reasons.... life is for living!

Awareness + Action = Results