Sunday, 6 November 2011

'Use it or lose it' - simple mantra to glide everyday!

Do you feel like this? 

Well, let's get you gliding again today in 3 minutes ..... It's simple & for EVERYONE!!!

Bridging - this weeks homeplay!

Things to think about here are -
* It's about the movement of spine & it's journey
* Breathe in & relax shoulders, feel how the spine connects with the floor & imagine your pelvis horizontal to floor
* breathe out & increase your awareness/
* feel a sense of lifting your pelvic floor inside gently & maintain
* take your awareness to your deep girdle like muscle
* create more space between hips & ribs
* focus on your belly articulating your spine rather than your gluts & hamstring
* image each vertebrae peeling off floor one by one..... pearls on a string - lift one off at a time...
* tail bone is the first to move & last to connect with your mat/floor 
* enjoy encouraging circulation, length & movement to your spine
* Feel the spine is getting longer & longer with every movement up & down.
* Only do the glut endurance variation once you have mastered the bridging movement with stable sacrum, pelvis, articulation of spine, & ribs melting
* Practise every day, getting more in touch with how your spine is moving
* alot of us have areas of stiffness/solid movement - simply bring more attention to these areas

Why do we get stiff & sore?
Most people will feel a sense of muscle soreness if they have done a new exercise routine, activity,  strong intensity etc or been inactive!  Sometimes we can feel joint pain through nutritional imbalances or injuries & sadly as we get a little 'wiser' we can lose mobility of our youth :)
Generally muscle soreness can last 2-3 days (day 2 often being the most painful).  If your soreness continues longer than perhaps you need to seek proffesional advise

The soreness in the muscles can be from build up of lactic acid, which is a by product of muscle contraction &/or very very tiny muscle fibre tears in muscles.  These tiny fibre tears are a normal response to your muscles overloading.
'Use or you'll lose it'  is your mantra to keep your body moving, even if sometimes you feel stiff or tight - with every movement you will feel better.  We spend so much time being inactive, sitting down at work, driving the car everywhere, watching hours of TV etc Are bodies are designed to move so dance, walk, swim, stretch, run from the car, walk your dog... you will feel younger so much longer

How can you help yourself
* Regularly move your body, be smart by taking into account your health, lifestyle & current fitness levels
* Stretch & reach - this doesnt have to be a yoga class, simply reach up to the high shelf, bend to pick up your car keys, turn around to look behind you, reach for your seat belt.... these are all daily activities that as we get 'wiser', heavier or lazy........... people forget... not us though!
* Eat healthy, vibrant foods
* Take fish oil suppliment
* shark cartilage as a preventative
* vit B if your stressed

Bev's best/favourite tip
* If your feel muscle soreness or tightness,
- keep moving, gentle walk , bike ride & get in the ocean
-  the temparature helps with the inflamation, the movement of swiming aids your lymphatic system ( aids recovery) & the best bit is makes you feel amazing because it is full of negative ions - perfect! Think Cocoon
- if you can't take a warm bath with lots of epson salts

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