Sunday, 16 October 2011


I did my first handstand in years!!!

It felt amazing & was such a thrilling experience!  I hadn't realised until I tried again that I still had the strength & ability to do a beautiful handstand

As my yoga instructor said "If you don't give something a try, you'll never master doing it?  Is there something you need to try to master?

So this experience got me thinking?  Why didn't I do this sort of thing more often ?

Being connected & taking the time to be me, the crazy & strong gymnast, the childlike me that throws a cartwheel from no where......This quality is something that is important to being really happy & free within yourself.

Now you might not be a 'handstand person' like me ..... ? Do you have things that you used to do that made you happy and choose not to do because of lack of time, energy, fear, ability, etc?

I challenge you this week to do something that makes you feel young, free, happy that you haven't done in years. 

Below are some ideas if you need a little inspiration to get you thinking...
* kick a ball around
* Take a walk in the rain
* Pick some flowers
* Take your shoes off & walk on the ground - my favourite is the cool morning grass
* Paint a picture
* Borrow your childs 'hoola hoop'
* sing out loud
* smile at a stranger

Please share your experience & share your inspiration

Have fun & shine into happiness this week

Contact Bev today to Shine into your happy, healthy & vibrant life!

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