Saturday, 22 October 2011

It's Today...........

Today is the perfect day to start moving your body and I'm going to make it sooooooooooooooooooo easy for you. 

So easy you can feel great, reduce your stress, increase your movement, breath etc etc & you'll acheive something special................. like taking time for YOU & your health - wouldn't that be great?

Especially after reading an article in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning...

The Top 3 excuses the personal trainers interviewed came across were - lack of time, low energy & can't afford it

Ok so here's the deal.  Follow the video below ........... yep its that easy!

Too Tired - If you have enough energy to lie on the floor, then you have enough to follow the video & notice how much more energy you have after

Time  - 3 minutes thats all you will need! Thats 3 minutes it takes to get up off the couch & open the fridge door

$ - This is FREE

So no more excuses, lets DO IT! click now ...

From my years of teaching, the book opening is one of everyones favourite, so enjoy ....

Please remember to do so at your own responsibility and if you have concerns about injuries, health issues please consult with a Dr prior.

here it is ...

Things to think about when doing this movement
* have your head, neck & shoulders organised and comfortable
* heels in line with your tail bone
* hips stacked
* follow your fingers with your eyes
* keep arms in line with shoulder girdle
* breath out when your forming the big arch with the top arm
* breath in when stationary
* visualise the rib wrapping around your spine
* opening of your heart to the sky
* make a note of how much your movement improves after each one
* there should be no pain in this exercise, only freedom in feeling your body move this way

Thank you to my dear friend Bernie who became the camerawoman & director to support me & you!

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