Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I've joined a gym!!!

Why would being a health club member be so exciting for someone that has spent most of her working career in health clubs..... because for the first time in 46 years I am paying for it, because I am not one of the teachers, instructors, PT’s or anyone that  can be asked questions while I am training, I can enjoy taking the last spin bike without feeling terribly guilty & really enjoy this important time simply for me

For me being a health club member shows my professional transition over the years from renowned one on one trainer into successful Health & Sports performance Coach.  Motivating, inspiring & supporting people to make lifestyle changes are such a passion in my life, so this small step reminded me that I have achieved an important goal!
Have you taken the time  recently to celebrate or acknowledge an achievement, milestone or goal success?
The process of choosing a gym was interesting for me because while making the decision of what club was good for me; it reminded me that it was a new experience for me!  

So for anyone else who is doing this for the first time here are my top tips:-
·         Intention - Be clear with why you want to be a member of a health club/gym
Having this clear intention will help you keep focus on what you want & need rather than being sold something that isn’t really relevant to your needs.  Why be sold a gym with the best equipment & only few classes when your interested in classes.

For me classes were really important, number per week, what they were, standard of instructors, would the times of classes be suitable for my life.  Being a Pilate’s instructor I wanted to honour my own practise so was looking for a club that specialised in Pilates plus offered other things that interest me

·         Location – have somewhere that is convenient, either close to work, home or on the way home.  I can guarantee you will use it so much more if its convenient to you daily life

·         Atmosphere – are the staff genuinely happy to see you & work there.  If they are you will generally find happy members, helpful managers and fun atmosphere.  Will the atmosphere compliment you?  Perhaps you might enjoy a different atmosphere

I was nervous leaving my phone number as so many times I’ve done this before to be inundated with sales calls – has this ever happened to you?  I am happy to report I had none!

·         Cost – the cheaper isn’t necessary the best option, yet can be.  Personally I would avoid great deals that go for over 12 months, life takes you in many directions sometimes & you could be locked in financially.  Try to find somewhere established, ask the sales person question to support this

·         Flexibility – another big thing for me yet might not be for everyone.  Can the membership be put on hold? How open are they to take care of you in certain times of illness, injury & holiday?

·         Make a decision & do it! You & your health are important!

For you it might be a different action than joining a health club, it might be finishing work by 7pm, picking the kids up from school once a week, taking a walk with your partner after dinner etc

See you there!
For more information please contact Bev 0414 415 902