Sunday, 6 November 2011

'Use it or lose it' - simple mantra to glide everyday!

Do you feel like this? 

Well, let's get you gliding again today in 3 minutes ..... It's simple & for EVERYONE!!!

Bridging - this weeks homeplay!

Things to think about here are -
* It's about the movement of spine & it's journey
* Breathe in & relax shoulders, feel how the spine connects with the floor & imagine your pelvis horizontal to floor
* breathe out & increase your awareness/
* feel a sense of lifting your pelvic floor inside gently & maintain
* take your awareness to your deep girdle like muscle
* create more space between hips & ribs
* focus on your belly articulating your spine rather than your gluts & hamstring
* image each vertebrae peeling off floor one by one..... pearls on a string - lift one off at a time...
* tail bone is the first to move & last to connect with your mat/floor 
* enjoy encouraging circulation, length & movement to your spine
* Feel the spine is getting longer & longer with every movement up & down.
* Only do the glut endurance variation once you have mastered the bridging movement with stable sacrum, pelvis, articulation of spine, & ribs melting
* Practise every day, getting more in touch with how your spine is moving
* alot of us have areas of stiffness/solid movement - simply bring more attention to these areas

Why do we get stiff & sore?
Most people will feel a sense of muscle soreness if they have done a new exercise routine, activity,  strong intensity etc or been inactive!  Sometimes we can feel joint pain through nutritional imbalances or injuries & sadly as we get a little 'wiser' we can lose mobility of our youth :)
Generally muscle soreness can last 2-3 days (day 2 often being the most painful).  If your soreness continues longer than perhaps you need to seek proffesional advise

The soreness in the muscles can be from build up of lactic acid, which is a by product of muscle contraction &/or very very tiny muscle fibre tears in muscles.  These tiny fibre tears are a normal response to your muscles overloading.
'Use or you'll lose it'  is your mantra to keep your body moving, even if sometimes you feel stiff or tight - with every movement you will feel better.  We spend so much time being inactive, sitting down at work, driving the car everywhere, watching hours of TV etc Are bodies are designed to move so dance, walk, swim, stretch, run from the car, walk your dog... you will feel younger so much longer

How can you help yourself
* Regularly move your body, be smart by taking into account your health, lifestyle & current fitness levels
* Stretch & reach - this doesnt have to be a yoga class, simply reach up to the high shelf, bend to pick up your car keys, turn around to look behind you, reach for your seat belt.... these are all daily activities that as we get 'wiser', heavier or lazy........... people forget... not us though!
* Eat healthy, vibrant foods
* Take fish oil suppliment
* shark cartilage as a preventative
* vit B if your stressed

Bev's best/favourite tip
* If your feel muscle soreness or tightness,
- keep moving, gentle walk , bike ride & get in the ocean
-  the temparature helps with the inflamation, the movement of swiming aids your lymphatic system ( aids recovery) & the best bit is makes you feel amazing because it is full of negative ions - perfect! Think Cocoon
- if you can't take a warm bath with lots of epson salts

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Saturday, 22 October 2011

It's Today...........

Today is the perfect day to start moving your body and I'm going to make it sooooooooooooooooooo easy for you. 

So easy you can feel great, reduce your stress, increase your movement, breath etc etc & you'll acheive something special................. like taking time for YOU & your health - wouldn't that be great?

Especially after reading an article in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning...

The Top 3 excuses the personal trainers interviewed came across were - lack of time, low energy & can't afford it

Ok so here's the deal.  Follow the video below ........... yep its that easy!

Too Tired - If you have enough energy to lie on the floor, then you have enough to follow the video & notice how much more energy you have after

Time  - 3 minutes thats all you will need! Thats 3 minutes it takes to get up off the couch & open the fridge door

$ - This is FREE

So no more excuses, lets DO IT! click now ...

From my years of teaching, the book opening is one of everyones favourite, so enjoy ....

Please remember to do so at your own responsibility and if you have concerns about injuries, health issues please consult with a Dr prior.

here it is ...

Things to think about when doing this movement
* have your head, neck & shoulders organised and comfortable
* heels in line with your tail bone
* hips stacked
* follow your fingers with your eyes
* keep arms in line with shoulder girdle
* breath out when your forming the big arch with the top arm
* breath in when stationary
* visualise the rib wrapping around your spine
* opening of your heart to the sky
* make a note of how much your movement improves after each one
* there should be no pain in this exercise, only freedom in feeling your body move this way

Thank you to my dear friend Bernie who became the camerawoman & director to support me & you!

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Sunday, 16 October 2011


I did my first handstand in years!!!

It felt amazing & was such a thrilling experience!  I hadn't realised until I tried again that I still had the strength & ability to do a beautiful handstand

As my yoga instructor said "If you don't give something a try, you'll never master doing it?  Is there something you need to try to master?

So this experience got me thinking?  Why didn't I do this sort of thing more often ?

Being connected & taking the time to be me, the crazy & strong gymnast, the childlike me that throws a cartwheel from no where......This quality is something that is important to being really happy & free within yourself.

Now you might not be a 'handstand person' like me ..... ? Do you have things that you used to do that made you happy and choose not to do because of lack of time, energy, fear, ability, etc?

I challenge you this week to do something that makes you feel young, free, happy that you haven't done in years. 

Below are some ideas if you need a little inspiration to get you thinking...
* kick a ball around
* Take a walk in the rain
* Pick some flowers
* Take your shoes off & walk on the ground - my favourite is the cool morning grass
* Paint a picture
* Borrow your childs 'hoola hoop'
* sing out loud
* smile at a stranger

Please share your experience & share your inspiration

Have fun & shine into happiness this week

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Sunday, 2 October 2011

I Love Pilates... & so might you!

'Of course you do Bev!'

Actually I am surprised  how long it took me to enjoy & value the incredible practise of Pilates.
I have been active all my life, ballet from 3yrs old, gymnastics from 7 yrs, sport aerobic International champion in my 20’s, Gladiator into my 30’s and despite a few injuries stopping me along the way I continue to be active every day.    
My favourite activities are easy to do, things I can do anywhere in the world & all I need is my training shoes, so no matter where my life takes me I can have the freedom to be active.   Because being active helps me feel balanced, centred, happy & healthy
What does exercise,activity & health bring to you?

I love the joys of walking/running in nature, swimming in the ocean and outdoor body weight training – eg push ups, chins, dips, squats etc.  Body weight exercises use many muscles groups, are challenging yet you can see improvements quickly which is motivating & the most important for me is the feeling of being strong in my body. No need for dumbbells, gyms or weights - I ALWAYS have everything I need in me – that’s cool.
So you would think Pilates would be ideal compliment? 
Absolutely, Pilates requires nothing except a mat.  Yet it took me many years to ‘connect’, I tried many classes, it simply didn’t ‘get me’ like other types of acivities.  Eventually.... I was very fortunate to meet a great teacher/mentor who helped me experience the intensity, the concentration, the improved movement & learned the skill – for me it was like re visiting my gymnastic past- Body conditioning & movement at its best! 
So perhaps if you like me, have tried classes & not really enjoyed Pilates please give it another go, try different instructors or styles of Pilates until hopefully you find one that you love or ....then I will accept that Pilates is not for you
After intense training, I am qualified & a true convert of Pilates.  I have had the pleasure of seeing all my client’s movement, posture, confidence & strength improve while reducing joint & back pain.  Pilates is subtle, sophisticated and so effective.
My top tip
Invest in 2 or 3 private sessions,  I appreciate that they can be expensive yet will start you off in such a great way.  There is an awful lot to think about with Pilates & it can be overwhelming so it’s helpful to have one on one attention when you start.  These session  get you moving correctly, take care of any injuries or personal challenges, improve your awareness & confidence so when you join a class you will know how  & what to do from the very  start.
Benefits of Pilates
·         Improve functional movement
·         Increased core stability strength
·         Increase strength
·         Improved flexibility
·         Increase focus & concentration
·         Rehabilitation
·         Well being - complete mind, body & spirit workout
·         Increased circulation
·         Energy levels rise
·         Can reduce stress levels
·         No age limit – Joseph Pilates was still practising until he died 87yrs old
·         Improved Posture

Things to consider

·         Pilates is a brilliant form of strength & conditioning. It isn’t a fat loss exercise so you will still want to do some cardio vascular & food changes if your intention is to lose weight.

·         Suitable for everyone 

Pilates not just a woman thing guys come along to a session & you will find out how challenging, fun & how much you feel better at the end.

·         If you have back problems, injuries please speak to instructor before beginning & importantly invest in one on one session before going into a general class

·         Everybody’s body is different & unique so Pilates can be a great leveller – There’s no competition in Pilates as everyone’s bodies have different challenges in movement, flexibility, strength etc.  Always know if you find ‘x’ exercise hard someone will find your ‘best’ exercise hard.

·         Comfortable clothing is important.  Wear clothes that you can really move freely, remembering that you will have your legs in the air, leaning over etc. 

·         Use thick mat rather than a thin style mat if you are doing Pilates mat class on hard surfaces

·         Arrive on time.  The first 5 minutes are often the most important to ‘set you up’ for a effective class

·         No shoes are required so again please consider your fellow participants J

·         Try Reformer classes, mat class with rollers, magic circles & bands for variety

·         Generally Pilates isn’t recommended during week 8-24 of pregnancy. Please seek professional advise

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 Interesting Reading
Return to Life through Contrology (1945) - by Joseph Pilates
Your health (1935) – by Joseph Pilates

Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness – Joseph Pilates
Contrology (Pilates) is complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit – Joseph Pilates

'You're only as old as you feel.' The art of Contrology (Pilates) proves that the only real guide to your true age lies not in years or how you THINK you feel but as you ACTUALLY are as infallibly indicated by the degree of natural and normal flexibility enjoyed by your spine throughout life." --Jospeh Pilates, Return to Life Through Contrology, 1945

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I've joined a gym!!!

Why would being a health club member be so exciting for someone that has spent most of her working career in health clubs..... because for the first time in 46 years I am paying for it, because I am not one of the teachers, instructors, PT’s or anyone that  can be asked questions while I am training, I can enjoy taking the last spin bike without feeling terribly guilty & really enjoy this important time simply for me

For me being a health club member shows my professional transition over the years from renowned one on one trainer into successful Health & Sports performance Coach.  Motivating, inspiring & supporting people to make lifestyle changes are such a passion in my life, so this small step reminded me that I have achieved an important goal!
Have you taken the time  recently to celebrate or acknowledge an achievement, milestone or goal success?
The process of choosing a gym was interesting for me because while making the decision of what club was good for me; it reminded me that it was a new experience for me!  

So for anyone else who is doing this for the first time here are my top tips:-
·         Intention - Be clear with why you want to be a member of a health club/gym
Having this clear intention will help you keep focus on what you want & need rather than being sold something that isn’t really relevant to your needs.  Why be sold a gym with the best equipment & only few classes when your interested in classes.

For me classes were really important, number per week, what they were, standard of instructors, would the times of classes be suitable for my life.  Being a Pilate’s instructor I wanted to honour my own practise so was looking for a club that specialised in Pilates plus offered other things that interest me

·         Location – have somewhere that is convenient, either close to work, home or on the way home.  I can guarantee you will use it so much more if its convenient to you daily life

·         Atmosphere – are the staff genuinely happy to see you & work there.  If they are you will generally find happy members, helpful managers and fun atmosphere.  Will the atmosphere compliment you?  Perhaps you might enjoy a different atmosphere

I was nervous leaving my phone number as so many times I’ve done this before to be inundated with sales calls – has this ever happened to you?  I am happy to report I had none!

·         Cost – the cheaper isn’t necessary the best option, yet can be.  Personally I would avoid great deals that go for over 12 months, life takes you in many directions sometimes & you could be locked in financially.  Try to find somewhere established, ask the sales person question to support this

·         Flexibility – another big thing for me yet might not be for everyone.  Can the membership be put on hold? How open are they to take care of you in certain times of illness, injury & holiday?

·         Make a decision & do it! You & your health are important!

For you it might be a different action than joining a health club, it might be finishing work by 7pm, picking the kids up from school once a week, taking a walk with your partner after dinner etc

See you there!
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